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Basketball Beans

Basketball Beans is a fun game that combines basketball and the 3D Beanman world. It is a third-person arcade game featuring 3D Beanman characters.

Player's objective

Your main goal as well as your team's is to gain more points than the opposing team if you want to win. In order to catch the ball, shoot, and dunk it in the appropriate distance, you only need to control one player. The tasks that include winning ten times, dunking twenty times, and finishing thirty matches will yield additional gem rewards. 

How to play

To play this game, you must control your character smoothly. To gain an early advantage, sprint as quickly as possible to reach the ball at the center of the field when the game begins. Upon touching the ball, your character automatically grabs it; navigate towards the opposing basket. Remember to be cautious of rival team members since they may attempt to steal the ball. Luckily, your teammates are there to provide support. Each match pairs you randomly with another player, lasting for 1 minute. As you approach the jump line, your character jumps automatically to score. Showcase your basketball prowess by outplaying your opponent and demonstrate your skills on the court.

Game control

Drag to move 

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