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Basketball Kings 2022

Basketball Kings 2022 is one of the best online basketball games that you can't ignore if you are passionate about this sport.

Player's objective

Getting the ball into the hoop before the timer goes out is the goal of the Basketball Kings 2022 game. You can unlock new balls as you get a high score.


Inlogic Software made the Basketball Kings 2022 game

How to play

Every successful shot adds another level of difficulty because the game is dynamic and the hoop's position varies. In order to score, you must aim accurately and use your mouse to make the ball bounce into the basket. But keep in mind that there is a clock in this game. You will lose if the timer goes out before you finish your task. Basketball Kings 2022 is a simple yet addictive game with limitless gameplay and 20 different balls to unlock, along with 4 unique goals. The objective is to make as many baskets as you can in the allotted time.

Game control

Tap your finger to score or use your mouse to point and click.

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