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Basketball Stars Unblocked 76

You cannot ignore Basketball Stars Unblocked 76 if you want to experience the feeling of smooth gaming at school. Transform into world-famous basketball players such as Lebron James or James Harden to enjoy this game right now!

How to play Basketball Stars Unblocked 76

Choose the players or team you want to play as before beginning Basketball Stars Unblocked 76. Hitting as many balls as possible in the basket in the shortest time is the goal of this game. The countdown clock in the top right corner of the screen will indicate when the game is about to begin. The team that scores more when time runs out will win the match. 

Ideally, your defense and attack strategies should be put into action simultaneously. To stop opponents from scoring in any other way or to seize the ball from them, you must also jump.

Game control


  • Move: use WASD keys
  • Shoot/ Steal the ball: B
  • Pump: S
  • Supershots: V
  • Dash: D twice


  • Move: use WASD keys
  • Shoot/ Steal the ball: L
  • Pump: Down arrow key
  • Supershots: K
  • Dash: Left arrow key

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