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Dunkers 2

In the Dunkers 2 basketball game, your goal is to make as many slam dunks as you can. In this game, you must control characters like quirky ragdolls with unique physics. This game also features many other characters, courts, animations, and graphics. All of them are vibrant. Each game is unique because of the strategy and surprise that unpredictable motions bring. 

How to play Dunkers 2 

Dunkers 2 is perfect for quick battles or extended sessions because of its easy controls and captivating action. You could play this basketball game for hours on end. 

  • To move your character left or right, use the controls.
  • Make a leap to get to the basketball.
  • To grab the ball, swing your arms.
  • To score points, shoot for the basket and dunk the ball.
  • Play in two-player mode with a friend or take on the AI.
  • To have diverse gaming experiences, you should choose different courts and characters.

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