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Nick Basketball Stars

Nick Basketball Stars is an arcade-style sports game that brings together beloved characters from Nickelodeon's animated series in a thrilling basketball showdown.

Player's objective

In the Nick Basketball Stars game, players may take control of their beloved characters and compete in quick-paced games.


Nickelodeon made the Nick Basketball Stars game

How to play

This game provides three game options to choose from: Tournament, Random Match, and Hall of Fame.  You have to first choose the character you wish to portray. To execute perfect acrobatics, use sponges or another beloved Nick character. Don't hesitate, let's take part in the competition to win the top trophy. To win the game, your team must score more points than the opposition as it goes on. To maximize your gaming experience, you must remain focused and give it your all.

Game control

Move your character around by pressing the Left and Right Arrow keys

Jump/ hit an enemy by using the Up Arrow key

Attack your opponent and take the ball by pressing the Spacebar

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