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Flappy Dunk

Flappy Dunk is an excellent game for basketball fans of all ages. This game offers hours of entertainment and challenges players to sharpen their abilities and strive for that flawless slam dunk thanks to its simple gameplay and addicting qualities. 

Player's objective 

Players of the game Flappy Dunk are tasked with touching the ball through hoops to get points and unlock additional balls. Easy to pick up yet difficult to master gameplay is skillfully combined with straightforward one-touch controls in this demanding game.

How to play

When playing the Flappy Dunk game, you have to control the basketball through as many hoops as possible without hitting any obstacles. You receive a point for each successful pass through a hoop, and as this game gets faster, the difficulty level increases. The difficulty of the game increases as players go over different obstacles including spinning blades and moving hoops. 

You can challenge other players to see who can make the best dunking record. Its simple principles and minimalist style, and its addictive nature will have you returning to try to surpass your previous best score again and again. 

Game control

  • Control the basketball by using the left mouse button

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