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Tap-Tap Shots

Basketball fans will find Tap-Tap Shots to be an addicting game with straightforward but captivating action. This game is ideal for playing on a mobile device because it is made for short, simple play sessions.

Player's objective

Tapping the ball into the basket successfully is the main goal that players must aim for in this game. Get your balls into the net as soon as you can; since the timer goes off, the game will finish.


Tap-Tap Shots was developed by Maximiliano Demonte

How to play

In this game, to make the ball move slightly toward the net, you need to keep tapping. The ball will return from the opposite side if you miss.

It will continue until the time runs out when you score, at which point another net is established at a different spot.

To avoid running out of time, carefully consider your shot timing and act quickly. If you miss, you should click as fast as possible to turn around and attempt again, but remember not to overshoot!

Game control

Dunk: Left-click 

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