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Jump Dunk

Jump Dunk is a basketball game where you have to do a variety of difficult shots including front flips, basketball, baskets, etc. 

Player's objective  

You need to perform many different tasks in this game. In addition to having skilled throwing skills, you also need agility and speed to win.

How to play

In the Jump Dunk arcade game, you must jump on while tossing the ball through buckets of water. In every level, there will be an opponent beside you. Your goal is to finish the challenges ahead of him so that you can advance to the next level and win quickly. Every five levels there will be a test, through which you will have the opportunity to directly confront opponents to confirm your skills. While Jump Dunk's gameplay is simple to pick up, true mastery will require a lot of practice.

Game control

  • Play with your mouse
  • Throw the ball: Using left click

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