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Basketball Stars

Join Basketball Stars and play the role of your favorite basketball legend. Make spectacular dunks and beat your opponents in tense matches.

A Chance to Play Basketball as NBA Superstars

Basketball Stars is a sports game that simulates basketball matches featuring famous players. You take control of legendary players to create accurate dunks. Apply all skills and strategies to win this game. How long will you keep your winning streak? Are you confident against all your opponents?

Basketball Stars’ Characters

Building characters in the form of famous players is one of the most attractive things in the Basketball Stars game.
If you are a big fan of big basketball leagues, legendary players such as LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman, James Harden, Stephen Curry, Shaquille O'Neal, and Derrick Williams may be familiar to you. Are you excited to play as one of them to control your own match?

Basketball stars characters

How to play Basketball Stars game?

Coming to Basketball Stars, you need to choose the desired team or player to get ready for the match. Your main goal is to throw the ball to the basket as many times as possible to surpass your opponents.

The match will start with the countdown timer in the upper corner of the screen. You win if you have a higher point than your opponent does as soon as the timer stops.

You should apply both attack and defense strategies simultaneously. You defend as your opponent attacks and vice versa. Prevent them from scoring by jumping to take the ball from them or any other way.

Remember that each player of the four options has a special ability, so take advantage of it in needed cases.

Game modes of Basketball Stars

There are 3 modes to choose from, and each game mode includes the following features and gameplay:

1 Player Mode:

In the mode of 1 Player, you are provided with 3 options, including Tournament, Random Match, and Training.

  • Training is for practice purposes to improve skills with no time limit.
  • Tournament is the mode where bạn sẽ đối đầu với các đối thủ in three rounds. In this mode, if you lose, you have to start over.
  • Random Match allows you to choose the characters for your team and your opponent’s team.

2 Player Mode:

The mode of 2 Player offers players 3 sub-modes, including 1vs1, 2vs2, and 2vs2CPU.

Basketball stars game modes

  • 1vs1: You will control 2 basketball stars who are opponents of each other. These two characters have the same role and will confront each other within 1 minute. Whoever gets the higher score when time ends will be the winner.
  • 2vs2: Each team will have a CPU as a teammate and face each other.
  • 2vs2CPU: Your two characters are on the same team and confront two CPUs on the other side.

Quick Match Mode

As its name suggests, there are no options in this mode at all. Players will play a 1vs1 match against one CPU.

Control Guide to Play Basketball Stars

Play 1

  • Move: use WASD keys
  • Shoot/ Steal the ball: B
  • Pump: S
  • Super shot: V
  • Dash: D twice

Play 2

  • Move: use Arrow keys
  • Shoot/ Steal the ball: L
  • Pump: use DOWN Arrow
  • Super-shot: K
  • Dash: use LEFT Arrow twice

Tips and Tricks For Basketball Stars Players

  • It is best to try to get as close to the basket as possible to have the best chance of scoring.
  • Take advantage of the special abilities, such as: Mega Dunk and Alley-Oop immediately upon their availability to ensure a 100% possibility of scoring.
  • Don't forget that the characters in this game have special abilities. Applying these abilities at the right time will increase your chances of winning against your opponents.
  • To stop rivals from seizing the ball, try to dribble it as you move past them.
  • Focus just on guarding the basketball hoop and then go on the attack in the last moments of the game.
  • Experience different special ability combinations in 2v2 matches and select the ones that best fit your playstyle.

Basketball Stars Characters’ Special Abilities

Mega Dunk: Dunk it through the opponent’s hoop.

Iron Defense: Turn your hoop into a chunk of iron in a moment to block the opponent’s from scoring.

Alley-Oop: Throw the ball to the opponent’s side of the court.

Fast Break: Steal the ball and pass through the opponent quickly.

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What makes Basketball Stars more attractive than other basketball games?

Realism vs. Arcade Style:

Basketball Stars prioritizes realistic basketball representation, focusing on lifelike player movements, physics, and strategic elements.

Gameplay Mechanics:

Basketball Stars has unique gameplay mechanics, including advanced dribbling, shooting, and defensive controls.

Multiplayer Features:

Emphasizing multiplayer aspects, Basketball Stars stands out with an online mode featuring real-time PvP matches, tournaments, and cooperative play.


  • Where can you play Basketball Stars unblocked?

On, you can enjoy Basketball Stars Unblocked for free whenever you want. Let’s have fun with your friends right now!

  • Is the Basketball Stars game suitable for children?

Of course, you can let your children play this game freely. It is not toxic at all but also brings many benefits to them.

  •  Does this game need to be downloaded?

No. You just need to access our website and play it online for free.


Basketball Stars is a perfect choice for basketball enthusiasts. Thanks to this game, you can freely express your passion for basketball and hone your abilities to compete for victory in challenging multiplayer matches. So, what are you waiting for without playing the Basketball Stars game right now?


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