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Basket Random

Basket Random is a delightful 2-player basketball game that combines chaos, where its rules are just as unpredictable as the outcome. 

Player's objective

In this game, players are placed into a fantastical universe where none of the traditional rules of basketball are followed.  

Try to make a basket in the Basket Random game with just one key that has a variety of permutations. Fields, players, or ball changes are the interesting things about this game.


RHM Interactive created the Basket Random game on Apr 06, 2023. 

How to play

When engaging in a battle to possess the basketball, you must contend with its unpredictable bounces and spin in mid-air to land the perfect shot. The first team to score claims victory in the round, with the overall game won by the player getting 5 wins. 

You are taken to a new location where the physics and clothes can be changed after each goal of the Basket Random, causing random variations to occur in every new round! 

Game control

Player 1: Press W key to jump and shoot

Player 2: Use the up arrow to jump and shoot

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