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Basketball Stars 3

Basketball Stars 3 is a fun game you cannot miss if you are a fan of both the world of Nickelodeon and basketball. However, this game is not the same as regular basketball games. Instead, you will have to face a dizzying match against the most famous cartoons of the Nickelodeon universe.

Player's objective

Similar to other basketball games, the main goal of players is to score goals.

How to play

You have to select a Nickelodeon character to begin the game. It's common knowledge that basketball players wear stylish uniforms and trendy sneakers. In the Basketball Stars 3 game, you will bounce about the court while sporting a gigantic sneaker. There will be three opponents in the match.

Since playing basketball requires movement, the arrow keys will be the most helpful to you. It will force you to leap to a height where you can clear the basket. Furthermore, the trampolines can be accessed using the same key.

Another crucial element is the Space Bar. This key has two distinct functions. To score points, the fundamental one is to shoot the ball. Meeting other gamers is the other, far more exciting option. In this manner, you are able to seize control of the ball. 

The game will appear more enjoyable as you make more successful shots. If you perform well enough, you will be granted some restricted special abilities that will make scoring simpler. Additionally, there are some amazing power-ups carried by the little flying objects overhead. You will have a big advantage over your rivals thanks to these!

Game control

Push the Left and Right Arrows to go from one corner to the other. 

Use Up Arrow to score a goal.

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