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Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a rhythm-based online game that gets people's hearts racing as they try to get through a number of levels that get harder. This game has become very famous thanks to its catchy music and simple graphics.

Player's objective

You should play Geometry Dash to experience arcade action with a beat. The gameplay of this rhythm-based action platformer game will bring captivating experience for fans of the series as well as new players. Furthermore, you can unlock unique skills, conquer diverse realms, and master difficult levels.


RobTop Games AB developed the Geometry Dash game

How to play

There's an arrow icon on the home screen that points to the start of the Geometry Dash game. The next screen gives you the ability to jump, fly, and perform any other necessary action to keep advancing. There are obstacles ahead of you, but with flexible movement and an extremely quick reflex, you can overcome them. You're facing obstacles like spikes, tall buildings, and dangerous objects. You will develop excellent leaping skills if you avoid striking them by rolling over or hopping. 

Game control

Click on the screen to make the geometric cube jump

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