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Doodle Baseball

Doodle Baseball is an amazing recreational sport that fans of American fast food and baseball fanatics can't miss to satisfy their passion.  

Player's objective

In this fun and engaging baseball simulator game, players take on the role of the hitter and try to hit as many home runs as they can. This entertaining baseball game follows Major League Baseball's celebration and has a lot of classic summertime American munchies. You won't be bored because it offers a wide range of gastronomic characters in addition to the popular sport.

This game is an extensive experience for both foodies and baseball enthusiasts, with a wide variety of difficulties. Your ability to predict pitchers' throws with precise timing and a quick response will be put to the test.

How to play

The gameplay of the Doodle Baseball game is really simple. Entering the batter's box, trying to hit runs, and getting points while avoiding strikes is all that is required. More precisely, the player takes on the role of the hitter and watches the pitcher toss the ball. Their goal is to hit the ball when it flies up in front of them. To score as many runs as possible, you have to time the pitcher's swings exactly right. As you boost your home run total, your level of achievement rises.

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