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3D Basketball

As its name suggests, the 3D Basketball game offers an immersive and realistic experience of playing basketball in a virtual environment. Developed with advanced graphics and physics engines, this game brings the excitement of the basketball court to your fingertips.

Player's objective

In the 3D Basketball game, you can easily show off your basketball talents. The more points you score in 45 seconds, the better. 

How to play

Try to activate the multiplier by making multiple baskets in a row in order to score extra points. Try to improve your jump in this exhilarating 3D basketball game. With your back to the goal post, quickly swipe the ball in the direction of the circle. Hold your target as the hoop starts to move and sinking hits get harder. If you do, the game will move on to the next level for you. Throughout the game, you have a variety of alternatives. Be careful as you attempt to win as many titles as you can. 

Game control

Shoot: Swipe up using mouse or finger

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