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Basketball FRVR - Dunk Shoot

Basketball FRVR - Dunk Shoot is a popular and addictive basketball game that offers an engaging gameplay experience. You can play this game on any type of platforms, such as web browsers and mobile devices. It is playable by anyone thanks to its simple, straightforward mechanics, vibrant graphics, and engaging gameplay.

Player's objective

In this game, you need to play as long as you can and avoid hitting the rim to get bonus points.


The Basketball FRVR - Dunk Shoot was created by Chris Benjaminsen

How to play

You can make some baskets in this entertaining basketball game. Give the ball the ideal angle with your mouse to make every shot. You will have to restart if you miss a basket.

Your main goal is to get the ball into the net, regardless of where the basket hangs. After you reach a certain number of points, you can upgrade your ball and select exciting new colors. 

Game control

Throw ball: Drag mouse up side

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