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Basketball Kissing

Basketball Kissing is an extremely interesting online game where players can express and share their feelings of victory with their loved ones. 

Player's objective 

Upon winning the basketball match, the player wants to celebrate with his girlfriend. He attempts to kiss her, but he feels embarrassed because other people can see him showing his affection. With this game, your job is to make sure the infatuated pair can kiss each other passionately without getting detected. Keep a careful eye out and let the couple know when someone is going to surprise them. Enjoy yourself with this adorable couple so they can experience their love free from prying eyes.

How to play

Allowing the couple to act carefree without worrying about being noticed by random onlookers is the intention. As a player, you must keep an eye on the situation to make sure no trespassers appear out of nowhere. When something shifts, be cautious. This is most likely a signal to pause and act as if nothing is going on. For example, the photographer will be drawn in if the next speaker turns on loud music. 

Game control

  • Control with your mouse or keyboard

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