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Basketball Pro

Basketball Pro is an exciting sports game featuring a basketball theme. Your strength, resilience, and agility are all improved thanks to the professional basketball gameplay. There's a twist to this basketball game: you have to avoid the circular chips with graphics. Planning and accuracy are important if you want to master this game.

How to play Basketball Pro

To play Basketball Pro, simply click on the ball and select the direction and force of your strokes. You will surely be captivated for hours by these original gaming challenges. Become a professional basketball player, take part in this exciting journey, and relish every second!

Game control

  • To start, click the ball.
  • By varying the angle, you may choose the right trajectory for your shot.
  • Control the force of your click to adjust the shot's power.
  • Carefully consider your shots as you maneuver around the chips.
  • To move up to new levels, try to make precise shots into the hoop.
  • To win, concentrate on raising your accuracy and tactic.
  • Advance through more difficult levels that need your dexterity and focus.

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