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Basketball Stars Unblocked

For those who enjoy sports, especially basketball games, Basketball Stars Unblocked is a game you must try. In this unblocked version, you can still play as world famous athletes like: James Harden or Lebron James 

How to play Basketball Stars Unblocked

To play the Basketball Stars Unblocked game, you need to choose the players or team you want. Making as many basketball shots as you can is your main goal. The start of the game will be shown by the countdown clock in the upper right corner of the screen. As the timer goes off, you win this game if you have more points than the opponents. 

It is best to implement your assault and defense plans at the same time. Furthermore, you must jump to grab the ball from opponents or stop them from scoring in any other means.

Game control

1-player controls

  • Move: WASD keys
  • Shoot/ Steal the ball: B
  • Supershots: V
  • Pump: S
  • Dash: D twice

2-player controls

  • Move: WASD keys
  • Shoot/ Steal the ball: L
  • Supershots: K
  • Pump: Down arrow key
  • Dash: Left arrow key

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