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Basketbros is a hot online game that you can't miss if you are a fan of basketball. Thanks to this game, you can put aside life's pressures. 

Player's objective

In the Basketbros game, players dive into a fast-paced experience where they can challenge other players in frantic matches. The game features simple controls but offers depth in its gameplay, making it accessible to casual players while still providing a satisfying challenge for those seeking to master its mechanics.


Blue Wizard Digital created the Basketbros game on January 2020.

How to play

In this game, picking up a ball and putting it in your opponent's basket is the main goal. You have three options: shoot, dribble, or pass it to a teammate. As you gain 10 points (the highest score), you will win.  

However, team play is an additional strategy for dominating the BasketBros game. Two teams of individuals will compete against each other. Since this is a cooperative game, both teams must cooperate in order to win. 

Game control

Move/jump: WASD + G

Shoot/slap: Arrows + L 

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