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Basket Swooshes

Basket Swooshes is a simpler version of the popular team sport where you bounce a ball to score points. 

Player's objective

You can choose from 16 national teams and compete in a tournament. Each time you score a basket, you earn stars. To win, you need 11 points before your opponent, but here's the catch: after each score, you must adjust your position to score again. This game is in HTML5, making it playable on any device. 

How to play

Try to go through the group stages and then attempt to overcome the bracket to emerge victorious in the event, representing your country or another.

World Cup, Time Challenge, and a variation called 2 Players, where you can play against a friend using two different devices, are the three game options available!

Pointer movement is required in order to aim and shoot. You win if you can score 11 points ahead of the other player. 

Game control

Aim release and shoot by touching and dragging with your finger.

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