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Dunk Digger

The Dunk Digger game is an appealing variation on ball and cup where the cup is replaced with a basketball hoop. 

Player's objective 

The goal of players is to control one or more topside balls through specially designed tunnels to an underground basketball hoop by using hand-eye coordination, logic, and understanding of gravity and physics.

How to play

As its name suggests, Dunk Digger is a unique combination of basketball and digging. It's your job to get the basketballs to the hoop while gathering the three stars that are strewn around each level. You may face several difficulties and challenges along the way, such as spinning gates and obstructions. To get past these barriers, you need to strategically interact with the pebbles, sink the balls, and plan your route using logic. The game provides a fun mix of basketball action and puzzle solving, giving every level a distinct and satisfying experience.

Game control

  • Draw a path: Use your mouse or finger
  • Shopping: Click on the Store button (top right)
  • Move past a level: Use the Skip button
  • Start over again: Click the Redo button. 

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