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Flying Ball

In the addictive Flying Ball skill game, players must steer a basketball through a number of more dangerous levels. 

Player's objective 

You must move the ball upward while dodging the several spinning saws that are in the way of the finish line. Players must use exact timing and fast reactions to maneuver through the dangerous landscape, as each level presents a different set of hazards.

How to play

When playing the Flying Ball game, you can only move the ball upwards or to the left and right. This game requires strategic planning to get past each obstacle.

To get a perfect score, you must not only avoid saws but also gather three stars that are dispersed around each level. This makes the Flying Ball game more challenging and motivates players to search every area of the arena for these elusive stars. In addition to finishing each level, you can earn all three stars, which gives you even more motivation to practice and aim for excellence.

Game control

  • Control the ball: Using Arrow keys or tap left/ right.

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