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Head Soccer

Head Soccer is an exhilarating multiplayer sports game that captures the exhilaration of soccer. It is set in a virtual arena. You must use your skill to strike the ball and score goals during intense matches. Head Soccer will surely bring you hours of entertainment due to its engaging and distinctive gameplay.

How to play

You can choose from an assortment of characters in Head Soccer, each possessing unique abilities and skills. You need to move your character across the field, execute jumps, and strike the ball. You will compete with many players from a lot of countries around the world. Your main goal is to accumulate points and defeat them in exhilarating one-on-one confrontations. 

Head Soccer is exciting because the characters are humorously exaggerated thanks to their giant heads. These exaggerated characters contribute a distinctive and enjoyable experience for you when playing this game.

Game control

You control 4 players according to these guides: 

  • Player 1: use Arrow/ Space
  • Player 2: 135/0
  • Player 3: JIL/H
  • Player 4: WAD/ Q

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