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Hoop Stars

Hoop Stars is an engaging sports game where you control a hoop with the goal of throwing it through a floating ball to score points.

How to play

In the Hoop Stars game, your ability to accurately time and execute your actions will completely determine your chances of winning. In this game, the ability to control the hoop is of greater significance than the ability to successfully throw the ball. This game is a combination of the basketball and clicker game genres. The only means of interaction with the Hoop Stars game is through clicking. 

Your objective is to complete ball circuits more quickly than your opponent in order to accumulate points as there is an opponent in this game. You must complete each level in order to increase your score. If you get five points first, you will win the Hoop Stars game. 

Game control

  • Control: use your mouse
  • Multiple jumps: use Arrows left/ right

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