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Soccer Skills World Cup

Soccer Skills World Cup is a sports game that enables players to participate in thrilling soccer tournaments. This game offers fast-paced, realistic online football matches. You can play against the computer or other players. 

How to play

Coming to this game, you will have to show your excellent soccer skills and do your best to win. You must assume the role of a national football team and progress through the championship's quarterfinals, semifinals, and grand finale. It will propel you directly into the action and activate your finest abilities.

If you want to proceed in the direction you want, just need to drag your finger or the mouse. The object will be kicked when you release your grip. The force of your kicks and the velocity of your character will be influenced by the intensity of your drag. You will be able to execute throw-ins, corner kicks, infractions, and penalties in the Soccer Skills World Cup game.

Game control

Use your mouse

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