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Stickman Parkour 3

Stickman Parkour 3 is a hot action game. It takes you on an amazing trip in the stickman universe. 

How to play Stickman Parkour 3

  • Your main goal is to navigate through every level with a variety of feats like sprinting, jumping, and flipping. 
  • Be cautious of numerous traps, perilous platforms, and adversaries who may be hiding around every corner. 
  • To improve your score, collect as much fruit as you can along the route. 
  • Participate in exhilarating PvP battles online to determine who is the best platformer. 
  • Not only that, you can cooperate with other players to overcome hurdles as a team in Cooperative mode. You need to sprint and jump with your mates. 

Game control

  • Move right: D or the right key
  • Move left: A or the left key
  • Jump: W or the Up key

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