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Swipe Basketball

Swipe Basketball is a HTML5 game that offers players a simple and addictive basketball experience. Thanks to it, you can immerse yourself in the exciting world of basketball.  

Player's objective

The goal of the Swipe Basketball game is to swipe the ball toward the hoop to collect points. Be cautious, since any miss could cost you a ball. Every successful swipe can result in bonus points and keep the gaming thrill going.


U-Play Online is the creator of the Swipe Basketball game.

How to play

Swipe Basketball revolves around the intuitive mechanic of swiping to shoot the basketball into the hoop. You can adjust the angle and strength of your swipe to aim accurately and score points. When playing this game, you may face increasingly challenging levels with different obstacles and hoops placed at varying distances. The gameplay is easy, making it accessible to players of all ages. However, it still offers enough challenges to keep you engaged and motivated to improve your basketball skills.

Game control

Use your mouse or finger to swipe the basketball.

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