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Volleyball Challenge

Volleyball Challenge is an entertaining sports game where you can enjoy exciting matches just for you. To win this game, you must score crucial points, try your best to drive, smash, block, throw, and serve. 

How to play

In the Volleyball Challenge game, it is better that you attempt to win competitions and solitaries battles, which will mainly consist of one-and-done matches. You may then utilize the winnings to buy new outfits, skills, and other items to strengthen your power.

Your main objective is to move the ball across the net and reach your opponent's side. You will receive one point after each goal you score. The winner of the match is the first player to reach 11 points. You must win at least two of the three games in order to win the entire tournament.

Game control

  • Move: use WASD keys
  • Strike the button: press C key
  • Advance: V key
  • Make use of capabilities if they are equipped at the time: use B key

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