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3D Free Kick World Cup 18

3D Free Kick World Cup 18 is a football game you can't miss if you are a fan of this sport. This game revolves around penalties that will determine the champion in the closing seconds of the competition. You can make it to the finals by selecting your favorite soccer team. You get five shots in each round to outshine your opponent. 

How to play

To advance to the 2018 World Cup championship final match in this soccer game, you have to score as many penalty shots as you can.

To beat your opponents in each stage, you have to gather a predetermined amount of points. Prior to your every shoot, various parts of the goal will light up. Then, you can see how many points it is worth to place your penalty shot there. When you point the arrow around the ball, it will spin.

Your rating will be displayed and the points for the competing teams totaled after each penalty shootout. Maintaining the top spot on the list will help you go through the championship's qualifying rounds and onto its final. 

Game control

Tap and swipe the ball to aim the goal

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