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Basket & Ball

Basket & Ball is a fun puzzle game that mixes sports and brain-teasing challenges. Your goal is simple: guide the basketball into the hoop by bouncing it around and solving puzzles along the way.

Player's objective

In this game, your mission is to bounce the basketball and score while navigating a variety of physics puzzles.


The Basket & Ball game was made by Sun Temple.

How to play

To play Basket & Ball, you control the ball through various obstacles and puzzles to reach the basket. You will encounter platforms, ramps, and other tricky obstacles that you need to navigate. Use bouncing and rolling techniques to move forward and solve puzzles. Each level brings new challenges, so you will need to think strategically to figure out how to get the ball into the hoop.

Game control

  • Bounce ball by using Left mouse button or Space
  • Move by using Arrow keys

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