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Basketball Jam Shots

In the Basketball Jam Shots game, your goal is to throw balls like a pro basketball player. Making as many shots as you can is the only way to earn points and increase the difficulty of this game. 

How to play Basketball Jam Shots 

Choose from six different characters to play. You will compete with other players in five increasingly difficult game modes: Beginner, Pro, Master, Time, and Super

This game gets harder and more thrilling if your opponents jump or turn the backboard to prevent your shots. Moreover, you can attempt a long-range bonus shot to increase your score after making a perfect shot. 

Game control

  • To begin, choose your favorite player from six available basketball players.
  • As you throw the ball toward the basket, measure its trajectory.
  • Be careful of opponents who may try to hinder your shot with deceptive tactics.
  • Throw as many balls as possible into the hoop.
  • To access the following mode, complete the necessary points requirements in the current mode.
  • To get bonus ranged attempts, make a series of successful shots in a row.
  • To improve your score and get more bonuses, throw the ball quickly.

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