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Basketball Shooter

Basketball Shooter is a fascinating and challenging game that puts players' shooting accuracy and precision to the test. 

Player's objective

In this game, on an outdoor basketball court, you try to make as many shots as possible before the horizontal orange double-bar timer expires. Your objective is to make enough shots to accomplish a variety of tasks and gain blue gemstones, which you may exchange for new hoops, courts, and balls.


Playtouch made the Basketball Shooter on October 2022

How to play

You must make a shot for the game to begin the timer. After then, you have to rapidly click or tap the screen several times to raise the ball high enough so that they can stop and let it fall through the net and hoop. Until the orange vanishes from the two horizontal bars, they keep firing shots.

By changing the backboard, hoop, and net's position and height, this game presents obstacles to the player. The ball's position is also altered before each throw.

Game control

Throw the ball: Use the left mouse button

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