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Sports Mini Battles

Sports Mini Battles is a fantastic assortment of sports-themed games. You can use split controls to play against a friend or an AI computer opponent. You can play four distinct sports games. 

How to play Sports Mini Battles

In the Sports Mini Battles, you have to compete with your opponent in a fierce sporting encounter throughout each game. 

The first player to score five wins in each game. Its attractive gameplay and the 2D graphics make this game worth playing more than ever. 

Game control

1-player controls

  • Move: press left/ right arrow
  • Jump: press Up arrow
  • Smash: press A

2-players controls

  • Move: player 1 use AD/ player 2 use left/ right arrow
  • Jump: player 1 use W/ player 2 use up arrow
  • Smash: player 1 use Spacebar/ player 2 use 0 or enter

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