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Suika Game

Suika Game is also known as Watermelon Game in English. Suika is a Fruit Tetris game. This game involves combining fruits until the largest one is reached - watermelon.

Player's objective

In the entertaining and easy Suika Game, you need to place each fruit into a box individually. Observing these fruits roll and bounce around in the box is the fascinating part. Whether you are smashing watermelons to beat your high score or simply enjoying the simple pleasures of the game, it is sure to delight and entertain.


Aladdin X created the Suika Game

How to play

In the Suika Game, to create a larger fruit, you must drop fruits into the box and collide two of the same kind of fruit! To place the fruit where you want it to fall, you need to click and drag with your mouse. Release when you've located your area and watch it fall into position.

Your main objective is to merge in order to achieve the greatest score possible. The moment your box is completely filled, the game will finish.

Moreover, simply click on one of the buttons to the left or right of the box to shift all of the fruit in that direction. Keep in mind that you can only use them five times, so try to use it wisely.

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